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Mini Olympics 2010
Year 6 Gifted and Talented Summer Camp 12th and 13th July 2012
Year 7 Gifted and Talented 3rd July 2012
Primary Athletics Competition 13th June 2012
Step Into Sport Conference 17.12.12
County Sportshall Final 2013
Disability Level 2 2013
Key Steps Gymnastics 2013
Gifted & Talented at St. Leonard's 12.2.13
North East Sportshall Athletics Final 2013
Infant Agility 2013
Zambia Run 2013
Park View Gym Festival 2013
Soccertots 2013
Gifted & Talented at DCBC 1.5.13
KS1 OAA 2013
Y5 Multi Skill Academy May 2013
Durham Dash 2013
Basketball Final 2013
Y5/6 Outdoor Athletics 2013
CLS Athletics 2013
Mini Olympics 2013
Y7 Gifted & Talented 2013
Boccia @ School Games 2013
Tri-Golf Festival 2013
Y5/6 Rugby League 2013
Y6 Multi Skills Academy Summer Camp 2013
Hermitage & Fyndoune Cluster Gym Festival 2013
Cross Country 2013
Quicksticks 2013
Leadership Academy Launch 2013
Come Dancing 2013
Y5/6 Tag Rugby
KS1 Tag Rugby
Gymnastics Showcase
G&T @ DCBC 7.11.13
Sportshall Athletics Cluster Competitions
Indoor Rowing 2013
Secondary Sportshall Athletics
Young Leader "Selfies"
Sportshall Athletics Final
Key Steps Gymnastics 11.2.14
KS1 Gymnastics
G&T @ Belmont 13.2.14
Y5/6 Basketball
Zambia Run
Infant Agility
KS1 Basketball
Dance Festival 4th March AM
Dance Festival 4th PM
Dance Festival 24th March AM
Dance Festival 24th March PM
Dance Festival 25th March AM
Dance Festival 25th March PM
Go Ride
G&T @ Durham Johnston 30.4.14
Y3 Mini Tennis
Summer Soccertots
Y5 Multi Skills Academy
Mini Tennis Finals
Change4Life Durham Dash 2014
Y6 MSA Summer Camp
Autumn Mini Olympics 2014
Come Dancing Festival 2014
Gymnastic Showcase Festival
Indoor Sportshall Athletics
Dance Festival March 2015
Soccertots Winter 2015
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