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Playground Leaders Award

The Playground Leaders Pack is compiled to enable you to deliver all or part of The Playground Leaders Award. It is split into 6 sessions but your students may need more time to develop their practical skills.

The benefits of the Playground Leaders Award are:

  • Encourages young people to take responsibility and develop leadership skills
  • Develops skills such as organisation, communication, confidence and self-esteem alongside planning and self review
  • Provides the opportunity for older children to work with younger children thus promoting integration and social inclusion
  • Reduces problems associated with bullying and inappropriate behaviour
  • Encourages cooperation and helps to develop moral and social skills.

The following lessons are available to download and are there as a guide and are not prescriptive. Feel free to adapt and rearrange!

Award & Certificate
Card One - Leadership Qualities
Card Two - Warming Up
Card Three - STEP Principle (Space)
Card Four- STEP Principle (Task)
Card Five- STEP Principle (Equipment)
Card Six- STEP Principle (People)
Card Seven - Now it's your turn!
Playground Leaders Checklist
Playground Leaders Register

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